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Entrepreneurs Development Institute Sdn Bhd
No. 10, Jalan Harmonis 1,
Taman Harmonis,Bt. 6, Jalan Gombak,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +603-6188 8079 / +603-6186 8078

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About Us

Entrepreneurs Development Institute (E.D.I.) was established in 1984 by Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Azimullah (Dr. Azimuth). Over the years, it has grown into a midsized company with five divisions.


Entrepreneurs Development Institute Divisions


Dr. Azimuth Salon

Objective of Dr. Azimuth Salon Division is to develop 50 units of Dr. Azimuth Health and Beauty Centre throughout Malaysia through salon development project on a phase-to-phase basis. For the first phase, 30 salons will be developed throughout Malaysia. Currently Dr. Azimuth Salon has created 7 model salons located at Shah Alam. Kelang, Gombak, Bangi, Pertama Complex Kuala Lumpur, Kubang Kerian Kelantan and Kota Bharu Mall, Kota Bharu.

Dr. Azimuth Salon provides beauty and health therapy technology and products under Dr. Azimuth brand to generate multiple sources of income to the salon. The multiple sources of income in every salon are:


a. Dr. Azimuth Vitamin C Facial Infusion Therapy

b. Dr. Azimuth Soft Laser 890nm Therapy

c. Dr. Azimuth Glowing and Rejuvenating Facial Therapy

d. Dr. Azimuth Slimming Therapy

e. Dr. Azimuth Laser Ayurveda Hair Therapy

f. Dr. Azimuth Total Wellness/Holistic Massage Therapy

g. Dr. Azimuth Health and Wellness Products, i.e. GamatMaxx, BioYouth, Colonkleen, IgGMaxx, Vitaltea and Vital Coffee

h. Dr. Azimuth Health Therapy Equipments i.e. Dr. Azimuth High Potential, Dr. Azimuth Multi Energy, Dr. Azimuth Ionic Detox, Bio Aura Water System and Slim X Exercise Machine

i. Dr. Azimuth Ladies Gym & Fitness Centre, consisting 20 types of exercises for slimming, wellness and vitality based on physiotherapy research.


E.D.I. BioHerbal Product Division

This division comprises of 2 entities:

• Dr. Azimuth BioHerbal

o This division concentrate on product development of herbal and nutritional food products based on customer demand

o It also concentrate on sales & promotion of Dr. Azimuth range of bioherbal products

• BioNutriMax Sdn. Bhd.

o This is a subsidiary company of Entrepreneurs Development Institute

o BioNutriMax is focused to be our world class manufacturer of herbs & nutritional food products.

o BioNutriMaxx mission is to

      • To be one of the leading manufacturer and formulator of local herbs and traditional healthcare products in Malaysia
      • Demonstrate to customers that BioNutrimax products are the most convenient, cost-effective and safe to use.
      • To increase HALAL product in the market in long term.
      • To fulfill market demands in supplying alternative herbal supplements to achieve a wonderful healthy human society.
      • Open employment opportunity to community

o Strategies

        • BioNutriMax core business focus is to be world-class manufacturer of herbs based nutritional foods product.
        • Research and development of new formulation.
        • Manufactured traditional dietary supplement & functional food.

o Range of Services

        • Contract manufacturing of
    • Herbal based product (tea & coffee)
    • Herbal based product (liquid)


Entrepreneurship Development Division

E.D.I. Entrepreneurship Development Division provides a full range of entrepreneurs' development programmes. Our approach is based on experiential real life entrepreneurs' development strategies. Our services for the entrepreneurship division are as follows:

• E.D.I. Entrepreneurs Network. This network helps E.D.I. Trainees / Associates to earn money while learning salesmanship skills.

• The Entrepreneurs Network also helps new entrepreneurs to market their products direct to all Malaysians via our network


E.D.I. – H.R.D. Consultancy Division

Since its inception in 1984, E.D.I. – H.R.D. Consultancy Division have trained more than 50,000 workers, supervisors and managers under the Human Resource Development Fund (H.R.D.F.) scheme. E.D.I. – H.R.D. have a pool of very experience consultant in the following field:


• Service Quality Consultancy

• Productivity Improvement Consultancy

• Business Development Consultancy

• SMI Entrepreneurial Development Consultancy

• Corporate and Governmental Research Services

• Comprehensive management, industrial and technical consultancy services in TQM, TPM, BPR, OHS, KAIZEN 5-S and related services.


Swiftlets Ventures International Division

Swiftlet breeding is a multi-million dollar potential business. Malaysia is the best location for the breeding of swiftlets as the weather is excellent for the breeding of swiftlets. Swiftlet Ventures International aims to be the foremost company in Malaysia to develop birdhouses on joint venture basis. We will also provide international consultants locally and from Indonesia. We will also ensure technical knowhow to produce the best yield for our partners. Swiftlet Ventures International have partnership schemes which we are promoting in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries.



Joint Venture with Swiftlet Ventures International own land bank:

We have the following land banks to be developed into birdnest farmhouse located in

o Sg Haji Doraini, Sabak Bernam, Selangor – 1 Acre

o Bagan Nakhoda Omar, Sabak Bernam, Selangor – 3.5 Acres

o Batu Dam, Ulu Yam, Selangor – 3.5 Acres

o Batu 11, Jalan Gombak, Gombak, Selangor – 2 Acres

o Batang Padang, Tapah, Perak – 3.5 Acres

o Tanjung Resang, Mersing, Johor – 2 Acres

o Tenglu, Mersing, Johor – 7.5 Acres

o Pulau Besar, Mersing, Johor – 3.5 Acres

All above land banks are prime birdnest house area with proven swiftlets population as they are located near water sources i.e. dams, seafront, farms, jungle etc for the swiftlets food source.


Our joint venture will be for our partners to build birdhouse on our land bank, they will have the right to harvest and manage the house. For retirees it is also possible to build a house by the birdhouse to enjoy rural living. Profit sharing is to be negotiated, approximate percentage are 50% to Swiftlet Ventures International, 50% to our partner.

If the proposed partner who wishes to build the birdhouse but does not want to manage, we can appoint our subsidiary to manage the project. The profit sharing will be approximately 40% to Swiftlet Ventures International, 10% to Management Company, 50% to our partner. Partners who wish to build the birdhouse can pool up to 10 people who will be shareholders under a 'Sdn. Bhd.' company which will be jointly owned by all partners.


Joint venture with land owner who has vacant land suitable for birdhouse development: Swiftlet Ventures International will arrange for other parties to joint venture and build birdhouse. The setup will be under a Sdn. Bhd. Company to fully develop, manage and market. Terms and conditions are to be negotiated. Swiftlet Ventures International will also purchase land at fair market price.

Swiftlet Ventures International will design and build the birdhouse for our clients on Swiftlet Ventures International Land bank: The birdhouse will then be sold to any operators with the right of use for thirty years. Price of the birdhouse will depend on the size, design, and location of the birdhouse. Terms and conditions can be negotiated of a mutual win-win situation.

Swiftlet Ventures International provides services for Development, Management, and Marketing: This option is open to land owners who wish to develop their land into birdhouses. Swiftlet Ventures International will provide technical design input, as well as consultancy to provide high birdhouse yield. Terms and conditions are to be negotiated.